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Welcome to LMP Careers

LMP Careers Site is a place where people can look for and apply for jobs within the Sports and Education sectors. It is a place where employers can advertise positions.  It is also a place where people can look for training courses in order to upskill themselves – Continuous Professional Development (CPD).

Established in 2004, Let Me Play Ltd. is an organisation that operates within the Sports and Education sectors. Every year we employ 150 to 250 full-time, part-time and temporary staff. LMP Careers-Site is a place where we can advertise our job vacancies and look for excellent candidates.

LMP Education, a division of Let Me Play,  is a youth training provider that focuses on educating and upskilling 16-21 year olds. We are very outcome focused so we wanted a place where our graduates could look for further opportunities and additional training. LMP Careers Site is that place.

LMP Careers Site is well placed to service the job advertising industry as a whole as we have thousands of young people looking for opportunities within Sport and Education.

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